Chrome Restoration
“I had been told by various restoration companies that if you are looking for quality chroming then there is only one place to go…Vehicle and General Polishers and Platers Ltd (V&G)

Well, it was a great tip as anyone spending hours of work lovingly restoring their pride and joy (motorcycle) wants the shiny bits to be right if not perfect.  I had no idea how much preparation and work went into chroming, like many I assumed you just dropped the item ...mudguard/exhaust bracket into a tub of chrome… well let me tell you I was shocked.
I visited the Arlesey premises and was shown the process and as you can imagine like most coatings it all begins with preparation and this is where V & G leave no blemish unturned, it’s such an enormous process, cleaning, grinding, polishing and then coating.

Once you have seen the process and the incredible finished product the cost is very reasonable.

My 53-year-old BSA now looks better than it did when it left the factory in 1968.  I wish I could be recoated…

Thanks V&G for your caring, professional, excellent work!”

Steve Parrish – Former Professional Motorcycle Racer

1968 BSA Bantam Sport

Restoration Process

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