If it can be plated, Vehicle and General can probably plate it.

Plating is generally metal on metal and this is by far the most common type of plating. We usually plate onto steel, brass, zinc, die cast, copper and alloys.

Vehicle and General plate for many types of industry, enthusiasts, collectors and specialists. However, most of our plating falls into a number of categories:
  • Automotive parts for cars, motorcycles and scooters such as bumpers, exhausts, lighting mounts, handlebars, pedals and door handles.
  • Marine fittings, such a rails, cleats, pulleys, winches and other fittings.
  • Domestic items, such as light switches, shower heads, door handles, taps and towel rails.
  • Industrial items for the production or refurbishment of parts for industry, for parts that require a high quality plated surface (excluding barrels).
Where possible, we remove dents from tanks and exhausts and remove pitting from diecast parts.